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For many, acne is a persistent and frustrating problem that just doesn’t seem to go away, even after they have tried different products and treatments. Unfortunately, acne products are definitely not made equal and it can be a frustrating endeavour to dig around for the “right” one. The problem with most acne products is that they use a limited approach and in many cases the acne returns. Exposed Skin Care products take a different approach and work to cure existing acne and prevent more from developing which has helped many defeat this annoying and persistent condition.

What is Exposed Skin Care?

Exposed Skin Care is a line of facial products designed to treat acne. It is one of thousands of acne products on the market and it in particular, is exploding in popularity. What makes it so popular? It’s unique in the sense that it is an acne treatment that utilizes both a scientific and natural approach. It was actually developed through the collaborative effort of dermatologists, naturopaths, cosmetologists and chemists. This system is designed to treat existing acne as well as prevent new acne from forming. Rather than using harsh medicinal chemicals as many other products do, it uses a combination approach to rebalance skin naturally.

Where Did These Products Come From?

Today, most acne products on the market are designed to treat acne using only one way, which often yields limited results and frustrates users. Exposed Skin Care was developed to address this narrow approach by using a system that clears acne in all ways. The scientific and natural ingredients work harmoniously to kill acne causing bacteria, unclog pores and normalize the levels of sebum production. In addition to that, it also aids in the healing of skin lesions and works to even skin tone.


Obviously, there is no single acne product out there that will work for everyone who tries it. Whether an acne treatment works for you will depend on different factors. Even if it doesn’t work for you, the company offers an honest one year money back guarantee. However, many customers, including those who were initially skeptical have purchased this product and were pleasantly surprised at the positive results:

“Weeks 2 and 3 showed steady improvement, few new minor pimples and my skin started looking healthier. I’m on the middle of week 4 and my skin looks better than it has in longer than i can remember. I KNOW my skin is healthier too.” – william,

“After having at least 6-7 deep pimples consistently, my skin was basically clear in a week. I waited another 4 weeks before writing a review. This kit has done so well for me that this is the first review I’ve ever written. About a month into it and I’ve had 2 small pimples, both of which cleared quickly.” – Ian,

Many customers have also commented on the fast results that they have gotten from using Exposed Skin Care products, often in as soon as 2 weeks:

“I began seeing results in about two weeks; have been using it over a year now and it’s like my skin can’t live without it. I definitely recommend getting the expanded kit, it’s worth the extra couple bucks to get the full results.” – Linda Jones,

Things to Keep in Mind

The Exposed Skin Care line when used alone, can and has certainly solved acne problems for many, but when it comes to treating acne there are a whole range of other factors besides using skin care products that can also help to increase your rates of success. Improving your diet, for instance can go a long way in helping to cure acne.

Another thing to note is that the products may take 4 weeks for improvements to become apparent. Before jumping to conclusions about whether the product works, it is best to give it an honest try and consistently use it for at least 4 weeks. Lastly, the products are slightly pricier than average but many users claim that it is worth paying more for a product that works fantastically for them.

Does Exposed Skin Care Really Work?

Based on a survey that Exposed Skin Care conducted, they found that 98% of users witnessed clearer skin through using their products and 96% reported improved tone and appearance. On top of that, a high percentage of 4-5 star reviews from users indicates that there is a very high success rate from using the product. The company is also so confident that their product will work that they offer a double guarantee – they guarantee clearer skin within 30 days AND a full one year money back guarantee. Even though there were a few customers who did not benefit from the product, they were able to get their money back via the guarantee so there is nothing to lose:

“I asked for my money back, sent back my kit, and within a week they had refunded my money back to me. Even though this product did not work for me, it might work for someone else who has a different skin type (I have sensitive acne prone skin). I’d say there is nothing really to lose in trying it out, because they do hold true to their one-year money back guarantee.” – Brandie1002,

Where to Buy, Coupon Codes & Discounts

If you are interested in trying Exposed Skin Care, you are in luck as they do offer many different discounts and coupon codes.

We recommend buying directly from the manufacturer’s website, since you can use coupon codes to get better prices on their products. Here are the coupon codes that you can use when you purchase through their site:

Shipx224 – Get free shipping
Save5on1 – Save $5 on any single item
Save20on3 – Save $20 on three individual products
Matr5off – Save 5% off all purchases

The company is also offering $25 credit for empty bottles of Proactiv, Murad or ANY other acne products that you have tried. All you need to do is send them your empty bottles within 60 days of receiving your first Exposed Skin Care kit and you will get $25 off your next Exposed kit.


Exposed Skin Care offers a unique scientific and natural combination approach that no other acne product uses. Also with the enormous amount of positive feedback that it has generated from the many users who have experienced superb results and the one year money back guarantee, Exposed Skin Care has our highest recommendation.

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