Exposed Skin Care Ingredients, Side Effects and Safety

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Exposed Skin Care products contain both natural and scientific active ingredients and a combination of these ingredients are used to treat acne. But how effective and safe are these ingredients? We will cover the main active ingredients as well as side effects and safety.

Natural Ingredients

Green Tea

Green tea is actually one of the most effective natural ingredients for acne. A study found that it effectively kills acne bacteria. Not only that, it contains a high amount of antioxidants which possess protective and healing properties. Overall, green tea proves to be an important ingredient in acne and skin care products.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains soothing and moisturizing qualities, both of which are important in an acne treatment regime. It speeds up the healing of wounds and burns. By itself, it isn’t effective for treating acne, but still plays an important role in skin care formulas.

Passion Flower Extract

Having been used for centuries, passion flower extract is known to treat a number of ailments. It soothes the skin and there is evidence pointing to strong anti-inflammatory effects. It also helps to offset and prevent any irritation and redness that may occur from acne medications.

Licorice Root Extract

In skin care, licorice root extract is known to help with reducing inflammation, redness and lightening scars.

Sage Extract

Studies have shown that sage extract has natural anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to reduce redness and irritation caused by acne meditation as well as promote healthy skin and prevent dryness. It’s also a powerful antioxidant and protects skin cells from free radicals.

Scientific Ingredients

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide is still one of the most effective acne treatment ingredients. It not only kills acne bacteria on the surface of the skin, but also deep within pores. It is also one of few acne ingredients that reduce excessive sebum levels.

Salicylic Acid (BHA)

Popularly used in acne treatment products, Salicylic Acid is a mild acid that helps to unclog pores from dead skin cells. It also helps with shrinking pore diameter, which prevents it from getting blocked again. Used by itself, it’s not effective enough for most acne sufferers but it complements other ingredients very well.

Azelaic Acid

One of the primary causes of acne inflammation from excess skin cells building up around follicles. Azelaic Acid comes into play for addressing this problem. It normalizes the shedding of cells and opens follicles, which results in fewer pimples. It has even been shown to prevent the growth of bacteria. This dual-purpose ingredient is very effective in an acne treatment regime.

Glycolic Acid (AHA)

Glycolic Acid is often found in anti-aging products and is actually a cousin of Salicylic Acid. It works on both the epidermis (upper layer) and the dermis (lower layer). By breaking down dead skin cells on the epidermis, it unclogs pores and exposes younger skin. In the deeper layers, it rebuilds collagen and increases healthy layers of skin.


The purpose of sulphur is to absorb excess oils and unclog pores. Since it can make very dry skin worse, it should only be used by those with fairly oily skin. Masks that contain sulfur as the active ingredient can be especially effective for those with bad flair ups or as a complementary treatment. The Clarifying Mask contains this ingredient.

Side Effects

There are very few reported side effects associated with the use of Exposed Skin Care products. Some users experienced initial flaring up in the first week of use. However, this is a common occurrence with acne treatments. As skin adjusts to the products, it begins to clear up especially when the treatments begin to take effect on healing the problem areas.

Some users also experienced dryness and a tingling sensation on skin during the first few days. Again, those symptoms are a sign that the skin is adjusting to the acne medication. If bothersome tingling is experienced, you can reduce the amount of product applied and gradually increase to the normal amount as your skin adjusts. Also note that a small amount of tingling is normal as it indicates that the product is working.

How Safe is Exposed Skin Care?

The products are FDA-approved and the ingredients contained in the products are a combination of well studied and recognized natural and scientific ingredients. Even customers with sensitive skin were surprised at how effective and gentle Exposed Skin Care products were:

“I have VERY sensitive skin so I always had to be careful what I chose. I happened upon Exposed Skin Care after Googling the best reviews and decided to give it a try. I bought the starter kit with the cleanser, toner, acne treatment, clear pore serum, and moisturizer. I also started taking the probiotic and WOW!! The results I have from this product are better than I have ever seen before.” – katielan3,

“I’ve always had moderate acne, but I have very sensitive skin which has made it tough to deal with. This product is kind of expensive (I bought off the exposed site, not on amazon), but I really do think it was worth it. About a week after using the product I couldn’t stop touching my face. I couldn’t remember a time that the skin had felt so good.” – Thoshi,


The combination of FDA-approved natural and scientific ingredients used in Exposed Skin Care products are shown to be very safe. Although some users reported initial flare ups and tingling, these side effects subsided as their skin adapted to the products and the treatments took effect. Even those with sensitive skin have reported that Exposed Skin Care products have worked wonderfully for them and not left their skin excessively dry unlike with some other products they may have tried in the past. The products have proven to be safe and there are no real concerns with trying them out. On top of that, with their one year money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose.

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