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Exposed Skin Care and Proactiv are two of the most popular brands of acne products on the market. Unsurprisingly, they are often compared against each other. Many customers have trouble deciding between the two because they both claim to do the same things. Both products are meant to treat mild to moderate acne and designed to treat existing acne as well as prevent new acne from forming. We will compare the two based on a few different aspects to give you a good picture of how they stack up against each other.

Proactiv – Pros & Cons

Proactiv is extremely popular due to heavy marketing and is known to be endorsed by celebrity personas. It was also developed by board-certified Stanford trained dermatologists. But how effective is the actual product? It has received some favourable reviews from many customers who have had success with the product, but for many it also causes excessive dryness and sometimes even flakiness.

The active ingredient in Proactiv is benzoyl peroxide which has been proven to fight acne but it alone isn’t necessarily the most effective treatment. The main concern with Proactiv is that users need to take care to protect their skin from the sun since benzoyl peroxide increases sun sensitivity.

Exposed Skin Care – Pros & Cons

Exposed Skin Care uses a combination of scientific and natural approaches to combat acne. In addition to treating and preventing acne, it also helps to improve the look of scarring, redness and inflammation without side effects. Unlike Proactiv, it will not cause excessive dryness and is not as harsh since it uses many natural ingredients.

Some users also found that it took a shorter amount of time for their skin to adapt to it. Exposed Skin Care contains benzoyl peroxide but also uses salicylic acid as an active ingredient. Both are very effective for treating acne when used together. One of the main downsides is that it’s been reported that it may take longer for the product to take effect and stat killing acne causing bacteria.


Proactiv offers a 60 day money back guarantee while Exposed Skin Care offers a double guarantee: clearer skin within 30 days and a one year money back guarantee. Given that acne products take some time to show results, the 60 day guarantee that Proactiv offers may not be enough time for some to really try out the product properly.


When it comes to pricing, Exposed Skin Care is more expensive, but also offers more options in terms of kits and the products can also all be purchased individually. Proactiv is available in “systems” which are basically kits.

The Proactiv 3 Step System is $19.95 and the Proactiv Deluxe System is $29.95.

The Exposed Skin Care 30 day supply kit is $29.95. It is also available in the Basic 5 Piece Kit (60 day supply) for $49.95, Expanded 6 Piece Kit (60 day supply) for $59.95, and Ultimate 9 Piece Kit (60 day supply) for $94.95.

Exposed Skin Care individual products range from $9.95 to $34.95.

Our Recommendation

Both brands are known to have produced positive results for many users. However, many Proactiv users have complained of excessive dryness and are even seeking alternative products that won’t be as harsh on their skin. Although Exposed Skin Care is more expensive, it uses more natural ingredients and is more gentle on the skin which is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. They also offer a one year money back guarantee which is more than enough time for determining whether the product works. All things considered, we would recommend Exposed Skin Care over Proactiv.

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