How to Prevent Acne

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When you were a teenager, you probably expected that you would have at least some pimples and perhaps a full-blown case of acne. 95 percent of all people will experience acne to some degree at some point in their life, but that does not mean that you have to live with the forever. Unfortunately, many adults find that their acne simply does not go away, so learning how to prevent acne in the first place is often much easier than curing it.

Why Do You Get Acne?

There are many different reasons why people get acne, including hormonal changes that occur during teenage years, poor hygiene, genetics, and of course diet as well. For the most part, most people who get acne begin to get it in their early teen years, but usually by the time they are in college or at least out of college, there acne is gone.

Then there is another group of people for whom acne does not arrive until much later, and these cases of adult acne can be extremely hard to get rid of as well as very embarrassing. Adult acne can cause significant scarring because the skin is less likely to heal once a person is no longer growing.

What Are the Most Effective Methods for Treating Acne?

Learning how to prevent acne either as a teen or as an adult is extremely important in order to avoid the various repercussions of having long-term acne. The most obvious thing that you can do to prevent acne would be to keep your face clean. Acne is the direct result of bacteria getting caught in your pores and becoming affected, creating pimples and blackheads. If you are able to keep your skin clean and free from excess oil, you will be much less likely to have acne.

Many acne products actually do as much damage is they do good, because they tend to try out the skin excessively. In response, many people end up using moisturizers on top of acne products, and because these moisturizers are usually not designed for people with acne, they end up clogging the pores. If you are going to use a moisturizer of any kind, then you should use one that is non-comedogenic or nonclogging.

What Cosmetic Changes Can You Make?

It is pretty common to see women who have a bad case of acne use a lot of makeup over the top of their acne, and nothing could be worse. Acne is agitated by makeup, and the makeup tends to clog the pores even more which in turn will make that acne worse. If you can avoid wearing makeup at all, you should.

Another cosmetic issue that many people don’t think about is their hair. Hair tends to be very greasy, and hair products can make that worse. When not hair is coming in constant contact with your face, you are going to break out more often. Although you may not feel like pulling your hair away from your face, it is one of the best things you could do to prevent further breakouts.

What Else Can You Do To Prevent Acne?

There are certainly a number of different steps you can take that will help to prevent acne without you having to go to the pharmacy. First of all, stay out of the sun. The sun is only going to make you sweat and it is going to create more bacteria on your face. The sun’s ultraviolet rays also increase inflammation and redness, and they can interact negatively with many acne medications. If you are going to go out of the sun, then make sure you use a sunscreen that is non-comedogenic and at least SPF 30 or higher.

Are Any Products Really Effective At Treating Acne?

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Where Can You Buy Exposed Skin Care?

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